In the spring of 2019, I presented a completely new body of work

created during a frenetic winter filled with experimentation and creative energy.  

This exhibit consisted of 13 sculptures

and 2 installations in the mediums of steel and paper.

My departure point was the expansion of a concept I began exploring with the Phantasm sculptures that I created in 2017.


This work, like all of my work,

stemmed from my love of Process.  The process was driven by my materials -

what the steel could do; what I could do with the steel - what the paper could do; what I could do with the paper -

which, in turn, drove the final results.

My inspiration was, and continues to be,

the minutiae of nature.  I drew from

the anatomy and structure of living things.

My unconventional combination of welding and bookbinding skills allowed me to recreate these structures

and magnify them from the minute to the scale of the fantastic. 


Photo credit - Tiana Graves - http://tianagrav.es
THIS is why I show my artwork - To create wonder in the eyes of the beholder... I think I succeeded here.