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About my journals and sketchbooks

As a working artist, I create something almost every day. When I'm not working on a large project, I fill my time with the binding of journals or sketchbooks. This keeps my skills sharp and allows my mind to focus on designing the concepts of my larger sculptural work.

Here you will find examples of the many types of journals and sketchbooks I make. All of my books are for sale. What you see here may have sold, but I can most certainly make a custom one for you! To purchase a book, click on About/Contact and let me know what you would like. We can explore my inventory together!

The difference between a Journal and a Sketchbook

Journals contain high-quality text weight paper that is acid-free and suitable for writing or drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink pens.

Sketchbooks contain a heavier weight paper. My favorite paper is Arches™ cover-weight paper. The paper is extremely high in quality and suitable for pencil and ink drawing, pastels, light watercolor/acrylic, and markers. It's slightly textured and off-white in color. 


Silk-covered journals with text-weight paper - 7" x 5", 168 pages -$130

About the bindings

I bind my journals and sketchbooks using 2 different binding techniques. Both styles of binding allow the book to lay flat when in use.

The Coptic binding is an exposed binding - you will be able to see the spine of the book. This binding is so named because it was used by the Copt Christians to bind their texts. It has been used since the 2nd century AD.

The Pamphlet binding is a modern construct used in binding its namesake - the pamphlet. I have expanded greatly on the pamphlet stitch - making it very decorative. The spines of these books are covered.

About the sizes of my books

I can make books in almost any size. I always try to minimize waste and be efficient in my use of paper. 

You will see a lot of square books and unusual sizes because, I feel they encourage creativity - and I enjoy creating different things.

Leather covered journals - sm.jpeg

Leather-covered sketchbooks with heavier weight paper - 6" x 6", 144 pages - $100

Leather covered sketchbooks.jpeg

Leather-covered sketchbooks with premium Arches™ paper - 7 1/2" x 6", 96 pages - $150

Cork covered journals.jpeg
Paper covered coptic journals.jpeg

Square decorative paper-covered journals with text-weight paper, Coptic-bound - 6" x 6", 140 pages - $40

Cork-covered journals with text-weight paper -

7" x 5", 120 pages - $50


Leather or Cork-covered journals with text-weight paper - 

6" x 5 1/2", 140 pages - $60

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